Born in Marseille (France), I studied at the University Paul Cézanne (now part of Aix-Marseille University) where I defended my dissertation in economics in 1993. Since 1993, I’ve served on the faculty at the University of Corsica-Pasquale Paoli, at the University of Reims-Champagne Ardenne. I am currently professor of economics at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Montpellier, and scientific director of Montpellier Research in Economics.

My research program has explored different points around a major question — how individuals do coordinate with others, can it be “spontaneous” (order emerging from the repetition of interactions)? What are the “limits” and possible “obstacles” that can prevent such spontaneous coordination? When do we need “formal” institutions to complement “informal” social norms? I am studying these questions from a political economy (law and economics) and an history of economic thought perspective.

This has, in particular, lead me to study James Buchanan’s views on social contract and, eventually, I started to write a biography on Buchanan. I am also working on other aspects of human coordination, namely the role of repugnance and distaste.

My research has appeared (or is forthcoming) in journals like the Journal of Economic Literature, the Journal of Economic Perspectives, the Southern Economic Journal, History of Political Economy, the European Journal of History of Economic Thought, the Journal of History of Economic Thought, Public Choice, the International Review of Law and Economics, the European Journal of Law and Economics, the Review of Law and Economics, the Journal of Institutional Economics, Kyklos, the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, the Journal of Public Finance and Public Choice, the Review of Austrian Economics, Constitutional Political Economy, the Journal of Public Economic Theory, the Revue d’Économie Politique, the Revue Économique, …

My work has been published in Academic articles, Book chapters and Books. I have also reviewed books, guest-edited special issues or symposium for which I have written introductions.