Historian of economics interested in law and economics (rules and norms, cooperation and the possible obstacles to cooperation).

Currently, I am completing a book manuscript, James Buchanan: The Disillusionment of an Optimistic Economist (under contract with Cambridge University Press). This will be the first intellectual biography of James Buchanan. The book analyzes and describes Buchanan’s intellectual trajectory from his first work in the early 1940s to the writing of The Limits of Liberty.

Another project on which I am also working relates to the role of repugnance in human interactions, its difference with distaste and distastefulness, and how we should regulate repugnant and distasteful behaviors.

I am the co-editor of the European Journal of Law and Economics and the co-editor of the Encyclopedia of Law and Economics. I am also editing a series published by Palgrave-MacMillan, Palgrave Studies in Institutions, Economics and Law

Some of my papers are available at SSRN; see also google scholar. Here is my CV. My most recent book is The Soul of Classical Political Economy. James M. Buchanan from the Archives (edited with P. J. Boettke, 2020, at Mercatus Center).

To get in touch, please e-mail me.